Ar-Rawaatib prayers:

Ar-Rawaatib prayers:

There is not a Muslim servant who prays to Allah twelve Rak'at, other than the obligatory prayers, every day and in obedience to Him, except that Allah builds for him a house in Paradise; or a house will be built for him in Paradise.

These extra recommended prayers are:
  • Four Rak'at before Dzhuhr and Two after it.
  • Two Rak'at after Salah Al-Maghrib,
  • Two Rak'aah after Salah Al-'Isha
  • Two Rak'aah before Salah Al-Fajr
My dear brother, do you not yearn for house in Paradise?

Preserve this prophetic advice and perform twelve Rak'aah, in addition to obligatory prayer.

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