Salaah Ad-Dhuha

In the human body, there are three hundred and sixty joints. In order to express graditude for this blessing, charity is required to be given on behalf of every one of this joint daily; yet, the full reward of this, can be attained by praying the two Rak'aah of Ad-Dhuha:

Every morning, charity is due on every joint of a person - every Tasbeeh is a charity, to enjoin good is a charity and to forbid evil is a charity. All of this is sufficed by two Rak'aah prayed at Ad-Dhuhaa..

Aboo Hurairah (RA) said:

My friend (PBUH) advised me to fast three days of every month.. Pray two Rak'aah of Ad-Dhuhaa and pray Al-Witr before lying down (to sleep)...

Its time (Dhuhaa) begins approximately fifteen minutes after the sun rises and last until approximately fifteen minutes before Salaah Ad-Dzhuhr. The best or preferred time to perform it is at the time of intense heat. The minimum number of Rak'aat is two and the maximum is eight. It has also been said that there is no limit to the number.

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