1. Begin with Tasmiyah:


In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

2. Wash both hand three times at the start of Wudoo'.

3. Rinse the mouth and snuff water into the nose before washing the face.

4. Expel water from the nose using the left hand:

He (PBUH) washed his hand three times, then rinsed his mouth, snuffed water and blew it out. Then he (PBUH) washed his face three times.

5. Be through in rinsing the mouth and snuffing water, as mentioned in the Hadeeth:

...and be thorough in snuffing water unless you are fasting.

*The meaning of being thorough in rinsing the mouth is to pass the water around to all part of the mouth. The meaning of being thorough in snuffing water is to snuff the water to the uppermost part of the nose.

6. Rinse the mouth and place water of the nose for snuffing with the same handful of water:

Then he (PBUH) put his hand (in the water) and rinsed his mouth and snuffed up water (for cleaning the nose) from the palm of one hand.

Note that the same handful of water was used - he (PBUH) did not seperate between two action by using one handful for the first action and another for the second.

7. Siwaak and its position with regard to rinsing the mouth, from the Hadeeth:

Had it not been that I might cause hardship to my Ummah, I would have ordered them to use a siwaak with every Wudoo'?

8. Run the fingers through a thick beard when washing the face.

The prophet (PBUH) ran his fingers through his beard when performing Wudoo'.

9. Wipe the head.

The way of wiping the head is to start from the forehead until the nape of the neck and back to the front again.

As for what is obligatory of wiping the head, then it is wiping the whole of the head in any manner, from the front to the back and to the front again.

... and the Messeger of Allah (PBUH) wiped his head with his two hands from the front to the back and then to the front again...

10. Run water through the fingers and toes:

Perform Wudoo' properly and run water through the fingers and toes.

11. Begin with the right hand and foot:

The prophet (PBUH) preferred to begin with the right when wearing his sandals (shoes), combing his hair and in purification (Wudoo')...

12. Increase washing one to three times, when washing the face, arms and feet.

13. Pronounce the Shahaadah upon completion:

The benefit of its pronunciation is that,

... the eight door of Paradise will be opened for him and he can enter from whichever one of them he desires.

14. Perform Wudoo' at home:

Whoever purifies (i.e perform Wudoo') in his house and then walk to one of houses of Allah (i.e the Masjid) to perform an obligation of Allah (i.e. one of every two steps, a sin is removed and with other, his level is raised (in Paradise).

15. Dalk - this is to rub water over the body parts with the hand during Wudoo'.

16. Economies in the use of water:

The Prophet (PBUH) used to perform ablution with a Mudd of water.

17. Exceed the area of what is obligatory when washing the hands and feet:

When Abu Hurayrah (RA) performed his Wudoo', he washed his hand up to his upper arm (i.e. Up to his elbow and just beyond it) and then said, 'This is the way I saw the Messenger of Allah (SWT) perform Wudoo'...

18. Perform two Raka'at after completing Wudoo':

Whoever performs Wudoo' in way that I perform it and then prays two Raka'at of prayer and does not think of anything else (unrelated to the prayer) during it, his past sin will be forgiven.

In other Hadeeth it was mentioned:

... Paradise would be made obligatory for him..

A muslim performs Wudoo' many times during the day and night. Some people perform it five times and others perform it more, depending on whether they pray additional optional prayers, such as Salaah Ad-Dhuha or Qiyaam Al-Layl.

Benifits of observing these Sunan in Wudoo':

  • The person will fall under the category of people in his (PBUH) saying:

Whoever perform ablution well, the sins leave his body even from under his fingernails.

  • The Prophet (PBUH) also said:

There is no one amongst you you who performs two Raka'at of prayer with his heart and face (i.e. with Al-Khushoo') except that paradise will be made obligatory for him and he will be forgiven.

General Words of advise from Imaam An-Nawawee:

Indeed, a person obtains this level (of Al-Khushoo') by striving against his own self (i.e. his lowly desires and against the wispering of Shaytaan - repulsing them from himself such that he is fully preoccupied with this striving, without losing focus even for the blink of an eye.

Hence,he is safeguarded from Shaytaan due to his striving and emptying his heart of everything that is harmful to it.

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