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Date Vinegar - Healthy Sunnah food

Abdullah ibne-'Ubaid ibne-'Umair Rahimahullah said that Jabir RA came to me with a group of the Sahabah of Rasulullah SAW. Jabir RA placed before them bread and vinegar and said: Eat, I have heard from Rasulullah SAW saying: Vinegar is the best curry. Verily a man is ruined, when some brothers come to his house and he considers it low to place before them things that he has in his house; and ruined are those people who consider low that is being placed before them. In another narration it is stated that it is evil enough for a person that he may consider low what is presented to him.
(Musnad Ahmad. Tabarani. Abu Ya 'la. Majma-'uz-Zawaid)

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