Solah in Congregation

Solah in Jamaah

Sa'id Ibnil-Musayyib Rahimahullah narrates on the authority of an Ansari Sahabi: I heard Rasulullah (SAW) saying: When one of you performs Wudu and performs it well and goes out to offer Salat, then for every right foot he lifts, Allah (SWT) records a virtue for him. And for every left foot he puts on the ground, a sin is erased. He has the choice to take short steps or a long ones. Then he comes to the masjid and offers Salat in congregation, he will be forgiven. And if he reaches the masjid and finds that people have already offered apart of their Salat, yet a part remains, he joins the remaining part of the Salat, and thereafter completes that which he had missed. He too gets the same reward of Salat. And if he comes to the masjid and finds that people have finished their Salat; so he completes his individual Salat, he too gets the same reward.
(Abu Dawud)

Picked from Muntakhab Ahadith(idara)/Point of Salat/ Salat in Congregation/ Hadits 73/pg151

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